We are R.O and KONOBA, and we are about to embark on a unique and remarquable adventure. Starting on the 1st of April 2018, we will travel for 10 months, in 10 different countries, making10 new tracks

Each month, we will travel across a different country, discovering it’s most beautiful or important parts, meeting people, playing live shows wherever we can and living as many adventures as life decides to throw at us. More importantly, we will be constantly composing and producing new music on the road. Our goal is to release one new song each month, a song we will have entirely created while traveling across the country, along with a music video made of images captured throughout the journey. 

By the end of the challenge, we will have released ten new tracks, one for each country, to be released as a full album. 


The Trip

April 2018 - FRANCE

May 2018 - GERMANY

June 2018 - POLAND

July 2018 - ROMANIA

August 2018 - GRECE

ITALY - September 2018

GEORGIA - October 2018

JAPAN - November 2018

AUSTRALIA - December 2018

? - January 2019


The tracks

We are used to creating music with minimal equipment and we will each be traveling with a laptop, a sound card and a couple of microphones. Throughout the month, we will be constantly composing, recording and producing all sorts of musical ideas. With a  portable microphone, we'll record the most interesting or symbolic sounds we come across and use them in the composition. We will also look to collaborate as much as possible with local artists we meet, vocalists, musicians, writers, and include them in the composition. The result should be a top quality track from a technical and artistic point of view, but should also encapsulate as much of the country’s identity, sounds and culture as possible. 

Get in touch if you'd like to work with us on this project!




The music videos

We will each be traveling with a good quality camera, which we will use to capture our adventures from our own perspective. On top of that, we are looking to collaborate with film makers everywhere we go, and include their footage in the music video. If you are interested in working with us on this project, please get in touch!


The video should include several things:

The country’s culture, people, landmarks, landscapes the most interesting parts of the adventure. The good moments and the bad, the fulfilling experiences and the disappointing ones. The creative process, samples recorded, artists featuring on the track. Live performances. Any creative ideas by the different film makers... 



The album

By the end of the project, 10 track will have been released. These 10 tracks will be put together in the form of an album, to be released shortly after the end of the trip (April 2019).